Website Accessibility Statement

Last updated on October , 2023

Our Commitment is dedicated to enhancing and advocating for digital inclusivity for its entire clientele and user base. In alignment with this dedication and in compliance with the Israeli Equal Rights for People with Disabilities Law of 1988 and its accompanying regulations, we continuously enhance the accessibility of our website to ensure an improved and inclusive user experience for all..

The Conformances We Follow is following the Israeli Standard 5568, titled “Guidelines for Accessibility of Internet Content,” which closely mirrors the criteria established in the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 at the AA level.

Website Accessibility

In line with our dedication to providing equitable service to all clients and users, we have implemented several measures, including but not limited to, to enhance the accessibility of our main website:

  • Web Browser Compatibility – Our website is optimized for popular and standard web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari, ensuring compatibility with their latest versions.

  • Zooming In on the Website – Users can easily enlarge the website display by simultaneously pressing the “Ctrl” and “+” keys (or “Command” and “+” on macOS). Each key press will incrementally increase the display size by 10%. To reduce the display size, users can press “Ctrl” and “-” keys together.

  • Keyboard Navigation – We provide keyboard navigation support, allowing users to navigate the site using their keyboard. Simply press the Tab key repeatedly to move between various page links, and press “Enter” to activate the selected link.

  • Support for Assistive Technology – Our website is designed to be accessible and compatible with screen reading software, ensuring that users with disabilities can effectively navigate and access its content. To confirm this accessibility, the website has been rigorously tested with the NVDA screen reading software.

Clarification and Contact Details

While we are committed to enhancing the website’s accessibility for a broader audience, there may still be sections or pages that, for various reasons, are not currently fully accessible. We remain dedicated to ongoing efforts to improve our product’s accessibility features and user interface.

If you come across an accessibility issue or experience any problems on our website, or if you wish to propose an enhancement or a new feature, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Please provide a comprehensive description of the issue, including your browser, operating system, and any assistive technology in use (if applicable). We are committed to promptly finding a solution tailored to your needs and resolving any malfunctions as quickly as possible.

Risk Disclaimer: Gambling entails substantial risks and may not be appropriate for everyone. There is a potential for losing all your capital. The term “risk capital” denotes funds that can be dispensed with without jeopardizing one’s financial stability or standard of living. Gambling activities should exclusively involve risk capital, and only those individuals possessing ample risk capital should consider participating.

Affiliate Notice: The external links featured on my website and within my video descriptions primarily function as affiliate links. This means that I receive a commission from companies and software providers when individuals who visit these links make a purchase. It’s important to emphasize that I exclusively endorse companies and software that I personally utilize and genuinely support. For a comprehensive understanding of my affiliate disclosure, please consult the full set of disclosures available in the website footer.


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