My passion is outsmarting casinos at their own game. Raised as the son of a seasoned blackjack professional, my early years were steeped in the casino atmosphere. Family vacations in the 80s meant exploring the gaming landscapes of Lake Tahoe and Las Vegas, where I eagerly absorbed knowledge from the casino’s in-house television channel, delving into the intricacies of various table games. This early exposure ignited a fascination that would become a lifelong pursuit.



From a tender age, I immersed myself in the study of blackjack. I devoured popular books, became a master of basic strategy, and fine-tuned my skills and deviations with the high-low count, achieving mastery by the time I reached 18. However, the banishment from almost every Indian casino within a 100-mile radius by the age of 19 signaled that relying solely on card counting wasn’t a sustainable strategy. Determined to find diverse paths to financial success, I dedicated myself to the art of extracting money from casinos discreetly. This journey has been filled with experimentation and learning from trial and error.



After encountering limited success with various systems, a transformative moment arrived when I received training in the baccarat system this site is built upon. This breakthrough allowed me to build a robust bankroll and engage in high-stakes baccarat play without attracting undue attention or scrutiny, a departure from the complexities of blackjack.



As an active player with ample experience at the felt, I invite you to follow me on social media for group online play sessions. Join in, shadow, and play alongside the Maverick online. Stay updated with live play and recent trip reports.  My ultimate goal is to share with you my story to empower you to become a successful winning player.




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Risk Disclaimer: Gambling entails substantial risks and may not be appropriate for everyone. There is a potential for losing all your capital. The term “risk capital” denotes funds that can be dispensed with without jeopardizing one’s financial stability or standard of living. Gambling activities should exclusively involve risk capital, and only those individuals possessing ample risk capital should consider participating.

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The Maverick of Baccarat is a professional Baccarat player and coach.  Offering online training and coaching. 

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